March 8, 2022 telecom

Zain signs contract with KPTC to supply smart bus devices

KUWAIT: Zain, the leading digital service provider in Kuwait, signed a contract with the Kuwait Public Transport Company (KPTC) to supply smart bus devices. Through the contract, the two companies seek to explore opportunities of future collaboration to push forward KPTC’s digital transformation goals in line with the nation’s developmental and digitization plans.

The announcement was made during the contract signing ceremony held at KPTC’s headquarters, which was attended by Zain Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan, KPTC Chairman Waleed Al-Shurayan, KPTC CEO Mansour Al-Saad, Zain Kuwait’s Chief Enterprise Business Officer Hamad Al-Marzouq, as well as Zain and KPTC executives.

Commenting on the partnership, Zain Kuwait’s Chief Executive Officer Eaman Al-Roudhan said: “Today, Zain takes a new step forward into solidifying its leadership position as one of the Kuwaiti private sector’s top companies that empower full digital transformation in government institutions within all vital sectors. These efforts are well in line with the nation’s developmental and digitization plans as part of the New Kuwait 2035 vision”.

Al-Roudhan continued: “We cherish the trust of our colleagues at KPTC for selecting Zain to be their future partner in achieving their digital transformation plans. Zain was and will always be prepared to make all its tech capabilities available to empower many vital operational aspects of public sector institutions. This is especially true as Zain enjoys an ecosystem of strategic partnerships with many of the world’s biggest tech leaders, which surely makes it the first destination for serving the tech needs of any government agency”.

Al-Roudhan concluded: “We hope this agreement reflects our active role as an enabler of the most advanced tech solutions to the biggest national companies from both the public and private sectors. Zain is always keen on exerting efforts that further progress national economy and push the nation’s plans and developmental goals. This is especially true as KPTC is considered one of the oldest government institutions that contributed to Kuwait’s progress since its inception in the 1960s”.

Future opportunities

Zain Kuwait’s Chief Enterprise Business Officer Hamad Al-Marzouq said: “This contract explores future opportunities of collaboration between Zain and KPTC in digital transformation areas. Through this partnership, Zain is set to offer a range of advanced services to upgrade KPTC’s portfolio of services, as well as reinforce the company’s digital channels, allowing it to replace traditional channels and offer an elevated customer experience of higher quality to its customer base in Kuwait”.

Al-Marzouq added: “Today’s collaboration is only a first step in a new journey we take towards achieving a main goal that we have put together along with our partners in the public sector: to contribute to developing the public transport sector in Kuwait and take it to new levels. We are eager to build a digital infrastructure for this sector and offer KPTC world-class solutions in order to elevate the quality of the nation’s public transport ecosystem”.

KPTC Chairman Waleed Al-Shurayan commented: “Digital transformation tools are vital to integrate the services we provide to the public. Kuwait has recently witnessed a huge leap in digitization and using technology across ministries and government agencies. This has led to more flexible workflows, saving time and effort, as well as reducing congestion in the services that assist the public”.

Al-Shurayan continued: “It is very important for us to elevate the company’s services, integrate them with modern tech tools, and utilize digital transformation to further develop our portfolio. This step comes in line with a great development that KPTC’s many services will undergo soon, including public transport, maintenance, rental, Omrah, maritime transport, and other services”.

Al-Shurayan added: “We are proud that Kuwait is one of the first GCC countries that established a public transportation system in 1961, sixty years ago. Great nations always seek to offer comfortable public transportation services to transport groups of people together and help reduce pollution. By transporting large amounts of people together in one vehicle, users would stop using their personal vehicles. We invite citizens to use the service after the new developments it will undergo soon. Additionally, a new service was added recently to transport families free of charge through special buses parked at selected areas next to parking slots such as Souq Sharq, Ministries Complex, and more to transport visitors to and from Mubarakiya Market. This is a joint initiative between KPTC, Asimah Governorate, and Kuwait Municipality to reduce traffic congestions in that vital area, which is most visited by citizens”.

New projects

Al-Shurayan praised the efforts of KPTC staff, which contribute to serving the increasing number of public transport users. He stressed that the company is working towards elevating public transport methods from the ground up, in line with preserving the environment and protecting the climate through a number of projects that will be announced very soon.

KPTC CEO Mansour Al-Saad said: “There is a need for software that organizes, schedules, and tracks busses. This is also true for creating applications that facilitate the experience for users of KPTC services through their mobile phones, making it easy for them to transport, schedule their appointments, and reach payment and subscription tools. It is part of the company’s direction to facilitate the experience for users and identify condensed locations in order to redistribute busses on the most demanded areas more efficiently.

Al-Saad stressed: “We take great care for the tasks and responsibilities taken by KPTC towards the public, and among our priorities is to make KPTC the favorite transport method for citizens and residents. We want to reinforce the culture of sustainability for a better future, as well as to gain the trust and loyalty of our customers and shareholders”. Al-Saad added: “KPTC puts the needs of its customers at the forefront of its priorities by serving their transportation needs and assisting them to reach their destinations, as we understand their needs and appreciate their time. The company takes into consideration the internal regulatory factors as well as the external directives and factors, including government regulations when making strategic decisions”.

Zain continues to achieve its strategy towards fully transforming into an integrated digital service provider, reflecting its commitment in further pushing the digital transformation wheel in Kuwait by contributing to advance the local business sector. The company considers itself an active partner in creating the future of smart life in Kuwait on all levels, especially within business areas.


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