November 29, 2021 government

Kuwaiti official stresses importance of updating military training programs

CAIRO: Chairman of Kuwait Military Education Authority of Ministry of Defense Major General Fahad Al-Turaiji affirmed yesterday the importance of modernizing the programs and military training procedures to take on current and future threats in the region. This came in his statement to the press on the sidelines of the 25th symposium for the heads of training authorities in the Arab armed forces. The five-day symposium discusses a study on field medical training systems needed to keep pace with the requirements of medical support for joint operations.

Turaiji, who heads Kuwait’s delegation, said that the symposium included several topics, notably the ratification of programs related to medical affairs and field aid, in addition to the exchange of experiences and benefit from the measures taken by some armies in the region. In this context, he noted that many Arab countries are engaging their armies in military operations, explaining that techniques and procedures are constantly changing, and that this matter requires modernizing programs and training procedures to take on different forms of threats. Our participation in the symposium benefits us, as we are taking the new product for medical support and field aid operations and working with it as fit to our military organization and the operations we carry out, added Turaiji.

Kuwait cooperates with most Arab countries, as we have cooperation agreements in the various fields of training including the medical field, Turaiji said on Kuwait’s cooperation. The Medical Services Authority in the Kuwaiti army has bilateral and collective cooperation with several countries, noted Turaiji. He explained that cooperation with all Arab countries is ongoing, noting that yesterday’s activities were not related to the mechanism of cooperation with Arab countries, but are considered a new addition in the modernization of brochures related to the medical system.


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